Other Projects


llvm-dbas is an LLVM Assembler adding Debug Information at IR Level. The project can be found on GitHub.


gmlauncher is an Open Source game launcher for custom-built Arcade cabinets. More information about its capabilities and how to use it can be found on GitHub.

Forgotten Tale

Forgotten Tale is a game I've started programming around 2008.

The idea was to develop a Tower Defense, that directly, or only by using self-written code, builds upon OpenGL. During development, I implemented a lot of features that would be worth creating an own library for. Thus, I finally seperated the whole rendering code from the game itself and called it the Tower Engine, which I still actively develop.

I have not been working on the game for quite some time now and I am not sure in general if or when I am going to continue working on it. Nevertheless, there is already a playable Alpha version: Link